CAMBODIAN CUISINE – Learn how to prepare Khmer food – Cooking Classes in Siem Reap

Cambodian Cuisine

Visiting Cambodia is perfect opportunity not only to try (strongly recommended) but also to learn how to prepare Cambodian (Khmer) dishes. It is a perfect half a day activity and a chance to do something different. You will also get to eat the meal you prepared with the rest of the group.

River Queen does not have a restaurant but we are happy to make some suggestions regarding cooking classes and to assist you in making arrangements.

Beyond Unique Escapes

 Cambodian Cooking Class PM

Learn to make delicious Cambodian Cuisine with our Chefs

  • PM Class runs daily
  • 12.30pm
  • $24

Each class commences with a visit to a local family. Along the way you will learn about the herbs and vegetables grown at most Khmer households and used in daily cooking. The visit to a familie’s home is an opportunity to learn about food preparation in a Khmer home. Who does the shopping and the cooking! Your guide will also let you know about food customs, superstitions and beliefs. A gift of rice is provided to the family as thanks for their participation.

Following this visit you return to the pavilion to commence cooking. Together with your chef and guide you will create several dishes which you can then re produce at home. Learn about the typical ingredients in Cambodian cooking and have the opportunity to see Cambodian cooking first hand.

Classes are completley hands on. Each participant has their own cooking station and equipment. Classes include a number of Cambodian dishes and a recipe card will be provided.

What to Wear:

We recommend a hat for the short walk in the village
Comfortable footwear is recommended.

Other Information

Please do not provide handouts or gifts when in the village, this can contribute to the begging cycle, cause jealousy and other problems. Should you wish to help please discuss with your guide.
Cambodian cuisine is full of spices but its not hot like its neighbours.

Check their Internet site for more information:

Le Tigre De Papier

Duration 3h + meal Start: 10am and 1pm in English and 5pm in English and French


You will discover Psa Chas market with our Chef and you will buy vegetables, fruits and spices to prepare your lunch.

Preparation (2 Hours) – 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 dessert

You will prepare your meal using our own recipes. Learning how to cut vegetables and how to make nice presentation of the dishes.

Check their Internet site for more information:


Champey Cooking Class gives all visitors to Cambodia the opportunity to learn how to prepare traditional and delicious Khmer dishes under the guidance of a genuine professional Chef. Before launching into the cooking you’ll visit the local market, see the action and learn about the produce. Our professional facility is centrally located near the Old Market in a traditional style Cambodian house with beautiful gardens that you can enjoy dining in. This is a unique and unforgettable experience for those who wish to do more than just see the sights.

Check their Internet site for more information:


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