New Year in Bangkok

3 Gay-Friendly Hotels For Your New Year

When travelling, you need to enjoy yourself and not stress out about being who you are. In fact, you should go with gay pride and confidence and not feel bad about yourself or try to “fit-in” with the people who are orthodox minded. Finding hotels in Bangkok for your New Years may get tight, but these hotels are great options for you and your partner to stay.

#1 W Hotel – Gay-Friendly in Bangkok Business District


W Bangkok Hotel is one of the better hotels with a swanky vibe and lovely people that make your stay in Bangkok of great pleasure. W Bangkok is one of the most talked about hotels in Bangkok. Most gay travellers know this location, either through online searching, reading reviews or a friend’s recommendation.  This Bangkok hotel has an Amazing décor, stunning ambience and friendly staff.

The decorative guestrooms look merely spectacular. Take the cake inside hard pink, razor purple and metal greys splashed across its interior.

The hotel is on Sathorn Road in the Bangkok business district and is one Skytrain station from Bangkok’s Gay district where you can find many gay nightclubs and party spots for your pleasure. Guys drink free every Wednesdays at the renowned bar.

Book W Bangkok Hotel for the best available rate.

#2 Dream Bangkok In the Heart of Bangkok (Sukhumvit Road)


Dream Bangkok is the perfect place for tourists who want to have a good time and rest in serenity. It’s 2 minutes away from some of the trendiest restaurants, bars and venues that you can frequent. Get the decorated “Dream room” including a king-size bed for the splurge. You can continue the party long with your partner after you leave the Insanity club or the refurbished Levels not far from the hotel. The “Dream Executive suite” has a rain shower and one to die for! The Flava restaurant is a Dahlesque inspired experiment in fusion cuisine and a tourist destination. It serves world food to anyone who loves these experiment dishes in an authentic environment. Food has never tasted this good! World famous Chef Booncherd Kaewplang cooks up some fantastic recipes for all the patrons at the Dream Hotel. It’s also progressively gay-friendly!

Book Dream Bangkok Hotel for the best available rate.

#3 Babylon Hotel in Bangkok’s Gay Nightlife District


Only a few places are as open and welcoming as the Babylon Hotel. They offer truly exceptional experiences for gay travellers in a fantastic ambience that reflects gay culture and artistry. Their whole vibe is all about the five senses; Vision presents astounding sculptures, art installations, exhibitions, and gay-focused sights. Taste gifts you some of the best food in Bangkok., Scent grants exclusive wines and cigars. Tranquillity gifs calmness and essence. Sound harmonises your dance and social pleasures in the Jazz club or during one of the DJ nights. Touch gives total fulfilment during resting or lounging. Babylon has everything that you may expect from a 5-star property. All can be customised to your taste. From gyms to swimming pools, saunas to bars, and massage to cuisine, the Babylon Hotel has it all for your gay-friendly adventure!

Make sure that you book early for peak-season. Take advantage of the amazing deals and meet with fellow gay travellers in one of these hotels.



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