Bangkok M4M Massage Shops

Soi Twilight:  Bangkok Massage, Bonny; Silom:  Arena, Best, Prime, Senso, Spa Bangkok; Sathorn:  Baantewa, Korn, Prince, Sathorn Spa;  Lumpini:  Candle T, Sanctuary by A; Sukhumwit:  Body Club, My Hero, Nine Spa, Urban Male; Ari/Saphan Kwai:  Amor, Leo, Seven, VCK; Lat Prao:  Cha-Ka, Men 101, White House Spa; Far Out:  Club M, DM Spa, Dr. Bear, IND Spa, Peak, Pinklao the Infinity, Pumarin

fees = house charge฿ / tip฿ (where specified) / minutes    each ♂ = ±5guys    overall facilities = 🔸to🔸🔸🔸   private shower= 🚿

Soi Twilight

Bangkok Massage  Map  (700฿/700฿/90min   ♂♂︎︎♂ 🔸)

Most but not all of the 8-14 available guys are hanging outside the door to the shop.  Nice trim fit average types with maybe some slightly more fit muscled guys and maybe a twink type or two.  If you just go upstairs you will be offered the first guy on rotation.  He may or may not be your type.  Or he may or may not be open to the role you want.  If you care you  must ask “I want [top][bottom][do everything].”  If for one reason or another you don’t think he’s the one for you, tell them you want to pick and tell them what you are looking forward.  They will call down and the appropriate guys will come up for a lineup and you can pick.  Better yet, enjoy a drink and/or a bite to eat at Maxi’s across the street and check out the guys first.  Walk across the soi, chat and pick your guy and say you want a massage from him and go upstairs together.

Massages tend to be well-intended, but maybe a bit too heavy on the oil and messy carress-y.

Bonny Massage  Map  (600฿/600฿/60min   ♂♂︎︎♂ 🔸)

Basically interchangeable with Bangkok Massage, except scope out the guys while you’re at Dick’s Cafe next door.



💪Arena Map  Website  (590฿/700฿/60min ♂♂︎♂︎♂︎︎♂ 🔸🔸🚿)

A Bangkok institution beloved by many for no-nonsense upbeat professional attitude.  Arena’s specialty is more muscular guys.  On a recent visit that was certainly true.  Alas, not so many handsome good looking guys.  Pick from a lineup of 20-35 (depending on the day and time) of beefier & muscle guys all standing 10-15 feet away in the room with you, with a couple of older guys (early-to-mid 30s).  Massage tables.  Shower alone before and together after.  It’s on the 3rd Floor of  Silom Plaza.  (Check the map – it’s not the Silom Complex.)


The Best Massage  Map   Website︎  (฿550//90mins  ♂︎♂  🔸🔸  🚿︎)

Nice, no frills, but private rooms, massage tables and private showers.  6-8 or so guys hanging out.  Tend to smaller/wiry fit guys.  Early 20s.  Guys have a “recently come to Bangkok from up country” vibe.  Street level of Silom Plaza on the right as you enter.

🏆Prime  Map  Facebook   (500฿/100฿/120min ♂♂︎♂︎♂  🔸)

A great place for legit Thai massages.  1 hour foot massage/1 hour Thai massage combo for 500 baht (plus tip) can’t be beat.  They offer good oil massages, but what makes them special is the great Thai massage.  Don’t expect any hanky-panky.  There is a 100฿ stated minimum tip.  Tip a few hundred baht ok, or be a nice guy and tip roughly the same as the house charge for the massage (300-500).  These guys do a great job.  The secret is out, so it’s increasingly hard to get a walk-in at busy times.  Book ahead or get there early.  As you would expect for a no-misbehaving shop, customers are offered the next guy in rotation.  You can ask to see photos on a tablet to book ahead.  But that’s not really what you should be worrying about at Prime.

Senso   Map  Website  (1,000฿/1,200฿/60min  ♂︎♂︎♂︎︎ 🔸🔸  🚿)

Townhouse a short walk from Sala Daeng BTS.  Select from a lineup of, depending on time of day, 4-14 good looking guys.  Prices are a tad on the high side.  Good sized rooms have showers with massage tables.  There are some VIP rooms with full bathrooms and beds.  The best that can be said of Senso is that it is consistently inconsistent.  Senso has its loyalist fans but reviews generally come in all over the place.  To the extent there are negative reviews they seem to arise from some real or perceived attitude issue with the masseur resulting in a less than great experience, so maybe a place to be extra nice to the guys.

🏆Spa Bangkok Map  Website  Line ID  spabangkok (1,500//90min ♂︎♂ 🔸🔸)

Spa Bangkok is in a league of its own.  A more luxurious spa experience than most of the other shop in Bangkok.  Possibly the best massages in Bangkok.  Pricing for members vs. nonmembers may seem a bit confusing.  If you are in town for an extended period or are a frequent visitor, purchasing a membership makes sense because it comes with 5 “free” massages.  Booking ahead is required.  When you call or text to make your reservation you can trust the manager to pick a guy — or you can stop by ahead of time to pick from photos on a tablet of 10-12 guys in their mid 20s.  They offer a legit tantric massage.  Very responsive and easy to contact via Line.  The facilities are very nice and serene with massage tables and nice linens.  Only the VIP room has a private shower/bath.  Street level of Silom Plaza towards the back on the right as you enter (near the elevators).  (Note all this refers to the Silom branch of Spa Bangkok.)


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