Visit Gay Brisbane

Over the Christmas break I had an interview with Gay Star News about living in Brisbane. The post didn’t really get much attention, so I thought I would reformat that interview into a story I can share on my blog.

I’ve lived in Brisbane for 3 years now. When I first moved I was still in the closet and very unsure about myself. Luckily I’ve come a long since then. I’m very confident about being a gay man in Brisbane now. It’s a very safe and accepting place in my opinion. Brisbane returned an 80% Yes response to the postal survey for same sex marriage.

Where do the gays go?

One Friday night at the end of 2017 saw us kicking off at The Sportsman’s Hotel in Spring Hill (Sporties). Friday nights at Sporties is a staple in the Brisbane gay scene with ‘Balls Out Bingo’ hosted by local drag queen Candy Surprise. The rules are standard bingo rules,  but for 77 – Did someone say strip? That’s right the ball boy takes an item of clothing off and yes sometimes it all comes off by the end of the game. Balls out bingo even has a calendar now of all the ball boys.

Our group actually won 3 bingo games collecting 3 jockstraps and 6 free entry passes to Club 29 (one of Brisbane’s cruise clubs) which are as of yet unused.

Next stop – The Beat Megaclub. One of our longest standing nightclubs that opens 7 nights a week. As one friend described it at 1 am on our last visit “The Beat is a magical place filled with wonder” for context the Beat staff had a sausage sizzle and were giving out free sausages on bread and we were pretty stoked. With 5 dance floors, if you’re ok to wander for a little while you can definitely find something to dance to. Upstairs for classic club dance music, out the back at Krystals for the light up dance floor and techno mixes. Head downstairs to wreckers if you want some good old base and RNB. If you’re night ends before 3, you’re doing the Beat wrong.

The Beat Megaclub


Enjoy you’re hangover and drink a lot of water because Saturday night can be just as packed. If you’re after a quiet drink that may kick on to One on Saturday, then you should head on down to the Wickham. The Wickham has the best food of any of the gay venues in Brisbane, enjoy the atmosphere in the beer garden, play a round of giant jenga.

If your liver can handle it you can always head out again to Fluffy on Sunday night. Unfortunately some of us work on Mondays so we usually don’t get to see the out of town drag queens that perform there.

Don’t want to drink but still want to be social?

New farm plays host to some of the best brunch spots in Brisbane. But my favourite place is actually the Medley Cafe which is in Kangaroo Point looking right out onto the Brisbane river. Its the perfect place to bring someone who is out of town because you can look over to the city. Plus its about 10 minutes from my house so if I’m taking someone to brunch the morning after, that’s where it is.




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