A Queer Guide to Siem Reap Gay Bars and Hotels

If you’re looking for some queer adventure, you can have a riotous time in Siem Reap gay bars.

There are a whole lot of things to do in Siem Reap. And you’re probably in this city to get your Tomb Raider on and explore the Angkor ruins. I think that’s a safe assumption to make. However, you can only explore the Archaeological sites by daylight. And once you’re done, trust me, you’ll be hankering to get your queer face on at some of these Siem Reap gay bars!

Most of the gay bars in Siem Reap are centered in the infamous Pub Street. You can find cocktail bars, drag shows, gay spas, and anything else your queer heart desires. Siem Reap is a city ripe to offer you a wild Gay Night Out.

In this article, I’ll tell you about all the best Siem Reap gay bars and how to navigate them. I’ll also tell you about the best gay hotels in Siem Reap so you have somewhere welcoming to crash.

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Best Siem Reap Gay Bars — BARCODE & Miss Wong


BARCODE is one of the best Siem Reap gay bars for you to explore. I spent a whole evening perched here. You get some fantastic cocktails here. Furthermore, this gay bar in Siem Reap features a mixed crowd across all age groups and ethnicities.

BARCODE proudly hails itself as a “vintage French Louis XV style” queer bar in Siem Reap. However, the title is well earned. This Siem Reap gay bar is sleek and contemporary, with deep blue and red lighting to set the mood.

Additionally, they have a stunning lineup of drag queens serving pure 80s glamour diva realness. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a performance that’s overtly sexual or even contemporary. The lip sync numbers here comprise largely of gay classics — “Hush Hush”, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, etc.

The drag queens in this Siem Reap drag show are always bedazzled in jewelry, flowing gowns, and cocktail dresses. As such, this is a far cry from the slinky comedic style of drag shows in Bangkok.

I think the closest parallel to BARCODE would be Phnom Penh’s gay bar Blue Chilli.

If you find yourself hammered by the end of the night, you can also go upstairs to Men Spa. As such, you can allow yourself to relax and unwind under the care of muscular sinewy arms.


Miss Wong

Miss Wong is one of the best Siem Reap gay bars for those who prefer a quiet lounge setting. This is a Shanghai-themed cocktail lounge that opened in 2008, owned by gay New Zealander Dean Williams.

This is one of the best Siem Reap gay bars. However, it’s also welcoming to straight folks. As such, I found this to be a great bar to go on Grindr dates. It was also a welcoming escape after the heady excitement of BARCODE.

If Pub Street starts giving you a migraine, you can retreat into this cozy and intimate bar. You can also hold conversations here without having to shout over the din of music.


Other Siem Reap Gay Bars


Mezze isn’t one of the best Siem Reap gay bars. Not by a long shot. Furthermore, it’s also quite difficult to locate. It took me 20 minutes of listlessly wandering around Pub Street to finally spot it. In addition to that, when I entered, it turned out to be empty!

However, if you’re looking for some variety, you can check out this gay bar in Siem Reap as well. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck with it. They’re largely a lounge bar and Lebanese tapas bar, but they turn into a dance club every weekend.

Heaven & DreamBoys — H & DB

Heaven & DreamBoys is one of the most recent Siem Reap gay bars to have opened up. As such, I can’t really comment on it or recommend it. You can check it out for yourself. Their website states that they have Drag Queen and Go-Go Dancer shows every day.

Best Gay Hotel in Siem Reap — DOM Siem Reap
If you’re looking for a gay-friendly hotel in Siem Reap, then I couldn’t recommend DOM Siem Reap highly enough. It’s a luxurious gay-friendly hotel in Siem Reap and it’s also incredibly reasonable.

Owned by a gay Italian man, it’s open to all guests, across the spectrum of gender and sexuality. However, as a primarily gay-friendly hotel in Siem Reap, you can feel really comfortable here. As such, you don’t need to worry about gentlemen callers even late at nights.

I checked into one of their suites. That earned me a large double-bed room, along with a private balcony and a living area.

However, my favorite aspect of this Siem Reap gay hotel was the bathroom. It was large and spacious, with a separate rain shower and a soaking tub. In fact, the tub was big enough for two people to comfortably fit in.


Source: http://www.50firststeps.com/siem-reap-gay-bars/

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