Your local holiday companions

Meet the Holiday Companions

All our holiday companions are skilled local guides with big experience in hospitality and tourism

For people who love traveling but hate being lonely during their trips we have found Internet site connecting you to local tour guides and travel companions. 


Mac, Bangkok, Thailand

Tour guide, Companion, Concierge

Languages: English (degree), Thai

Day – 8 h / $50

Night – 6 h / $35

Day+Night – $75

Bangkok, Whole Thailand, South East Asia

Sex: Male,

Age: 25 yo,

Status: single

Sa-was-dee krub — Hello!

My name is Mac, and I’d like to welcome you to Thailand!

I will be happy to take care of your travel needs — from suggesting an itinerary that best suits your preferences; to showing you the sights YOU want to see; to assisting you with transportation, shopping, and dining; to solving any problems should they arise.

Together we will discover the real, authentic Bangkok and its vicinity while avoiding “tourist traps” and scams. My philosophy is simple: treat my customer as a friend, be flexible, and show mutual respect.

I grew up in Bangkok, where I graduated from a university with a double major in English and Tourism Management. Currently, I am studying at Silapakorn University, the top tourism school in Thailand. I have a wide variety of interests, and am especially drawn to learning new languages and cultures.

I am looking forward to making your stay in Thailand memorable, enjoyable, and filled with fun times!

Your Mac



“Thank you. Mac has been GREAT! Would not have ever made it here without him”



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