Siem Reap – Mysteres d’ Angkor Hotel

Siem Reap - Cambodia - is one of the major destinations in Asia thanks to their main attraction - Angkor Wat complex of temples. Siem Reap is very gay friendly place and not many hotels are classified as "gay" as gay population can be relaxed while visiting Cambodia and Siem Reap and most of hotels … Continue reading Siem Reap – Mysteres d’ Angkor Hotel


A Queer Guide to Siem Reap Gay Bars and Hotels

If you’re looking for some queer adventure, you can have a riotous time in Siem Reap gay bars. There are a whole lot of things to do in Siem Reap. And you’re probably in this city to get your Tomb Raider on and explore the Angkor ruins. I think that’s a safe assumption to make. … Continue reading A Queer Guide to Siem Reap Gay Bars and Hotels

New Year in Bangkok

3 Gay-Friendly Hotels For Your New Year When travelling, you need to enjoy yourself and not stress out about being who you are. In fact, you should go with gay pride and confidence and not feel bad about yourself or try to “fit-in” with the people who are orthodox minded. Finding hotels in Bangkok for your … Continue reading New Year in Bangkok